Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Finally Some New Work

Several weeks ago my computer took on a super bug . It died a horrible death, but my wonderful brother-in-law came to the rescue and was able to bring it back from the beyond. Now that I am up and running once again I can finally post some new work.

This necklace was created around this Raku skull bead. The skull bead came from a very special friend and I have been waiting to find the perfect way to show it off. Blue crushed velvet, ribbon and mixed glass beads.

Clay face on black velvet, pearls and mixed beads.

Clay button, by Dina Fernandez, flower buttons and mixed beads

It feels great getting back to my beadwork once again.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

 I made this for a gift months ago and then forgot to post the images. My friend Deidre is a partner in a theater project in Bakersfield California and I made this jacket for her to wear on opening night.  I constructed this jacket out of 2 black velvet shirts, a pair of black velvet paints and 2 black velvet shirts. From this mix I created this jacket. Deidre is MUCH smaller than me so my dress form is too big, therefore the jacket is a bit stretched.

I started the base of the jacket with this long-sleeved top. I cut up the front seam  and serged the raw seams

I made a paper pattern , With the paints, one top and one skirt I was able to construct a full skirt

I added button details