Sunday, February 28, 2010

OK, a plug for another fellow artist and blogger

Look at this lovely pendant being givenaway at Prairie Thisle. She is celebrating her 400th blog. Who would not want to win this handmade pendant by this talented Kansas artist. You have until March 21 to enter. Make sure to read all about Julie and everything she put into creating this piece.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

...and yet another gift rolls in...YIPPEE!

The packaging is so pretty with a Paris label.

Look at all of the little lovelies that arrived for me in the mail today!

Juliet creates the most darling felted items. Go check out her blog JulietKBears
Thanks JulietK, I love them all!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My First Prize Arrived Today!

I just recieved my first prize from the One World, One Heart giveaway. I am so excited that I had to show all of you.

I received a print that was created by Marie Otero. Marie is a mixed media and a digital artist. Her work is quite fascinating and has a vibrancy all its own. Make sure to check out her blog, her Etsy Shop, Lost Aussie Designs and her web site .

Check out this image on the back of the print; it's just as cool as the image on the front.

Here is the NY sticker on the mailing envelope
Thanks Marie!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Wedding Cake Sleeves

I am not crazy about sweaters that you pull over your head, they are bulky and I often get too warm in them, but a cardigan, I adore. Every time I hit a thrift shop or a yard sale I look for them, I now have a large collection in just about every color. I am particularly fond of vintage cardigans and will wear them until they are riddled with holes and falling apart at the seams.

Several months ago I bought this turtleneck sweater at a thrift shop; the .25 price tag attracted me. Last week I came across it in a pile of clothes to be altered. We have had an unusually warm winter, so the knitted gloves I had been working on were put to the side while I worked on this sweater. I started this sweater by cutting the front open and sergered the raw seams.

I had planned on making simple sleeves but I got a little carried away… the sleeve now look like a wedding cake.

To carry the theme through I added a matching color flower to collar.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Felt Skull Flag

The One World, One Heart event ate up a lot of my free time, no complaints, as it was a fun ride. With my life now back to a somewhat routine schedule (as much of a routine as a 2 year old will let me) I have been able to get back to work. For several months I have started jewelry projects and not been able to finish many of them. So for right now my jewelry making is on the back burner. I am waiting for my jewelry muse to inspire me; I think she decided to head south for the winter and left my fabric muse to take over. Here is something I just finished last night.
When I was in college I wrote my senior thesis on the use of the human skull as an art object. I started the paper with the decorated skulls of Jericho. From there I used many examples from around the world and throughout history. It was a very interesting subject and very informative. At the time there were almost no books written on the subject and I spent months collecting my data. I fell in love with this subject and now use the skull in a lot of my work. With the popularity of such holidays as Dia de los Muertos and the spread of Goth culture, the skull has become a mainstream image and has lost some of it magic on the populace. With that said I still think the skull is an amazingly powerful symbol and will remain so as long as humans roam the earth.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

And the Winners are...

The day has finally arrived, the One World, One Heart winners will be announced today on my blog. Guess what?! I have already won something. Julietk drew my name for her mystery prize; I love surprises and look forward to sharing my prize with all of you. It is coming all the way from London, so it might be awhile… I just found out that I have won 2 drawings, can you believe it! The second prize is coming from Southern OOAKS  Oh Happy Day!
Update... oh about 10 minutes ago, I WON a print from Lost Assie on the Loose, I have won 3 giveaway items, how exciting! I have a permanent grin on my face.

Without further delay, drum roll please…

First prize goes to

Second prize goes to

Third prize goes to

Fourth prize goes to

Fifth prize goes to

I have sent an e-mail out to all of the winners. Please contact me A.S.A.P. so that I can put your prize in the mail right away.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who took part in the One World, One Heart event. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your comments and meeting so many new and interesting people. And, another HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who signed up to follow (new and old both) my blog. The One World, One Heart event was so amazing; I hope Lisa will host this event again next year.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Super Roxy to the Rescue

Faster than unwanted split pea soup
Lungs more powerful than an air raid siren
Able to leap over baby sister in a single bound.
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super Roxy

We were invited to a 4 year olds birthday party. I was in a dilemma as what to get her. We have a 2 year old son and right now he is all about Elmo and his Nappers (his #1 monkey). What to get a 4 year old girl who is constantly zipping around, hurdling over the family dog and thinks thought it was fun when daddy wrecked his bike with her on it, her reaction to the fall “do it again Daddy”. What else, but her very own super hero’s cape (super powers not include). Now she can cause havoc wherever she goes and her identity will remain a secret.

This cape is made from a pattern I obtained abut 15 years ago. I have used it to make capes for all of our nieces and nephews.

This time around I went with a deep purple hue, perfect for the super hero who wants to be fashionable while saving the world or picking on villainous boys.

I made a pattern for the shield and cut it out of contrasting colors of felt.
I added a button closer and an hour later I had a super hero cape just waiting for the super hero to wear it.

I really hope she doesn’t try to fly off the roof of the house in it. I once jumped off the barn with an umbrella, but that is a story better left for another time.