Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scarab Beetle

Scarabs were an important symbol to the Egyptians. The beetle’s image is found in many ancient artifacts. The scarab beetle represents life, death and rebirth; some of the basic principles of Egyptian beliefs. This necklace is very versatile - it can be worn with or without the pendant.
Necklace approx. 15”, pendent approx. 3”. Fired clay, glass and pearls.


Julie said...

How much does this one weigh? With the scarab is it light/heavy? I am wondering where on my neck it would hang, should I convince Santa he needs to get it for me.

Jodaeodesign said...

The necklace is 15" long and the pendent is 3". This is not the heavest necklace I have ever designed, but its not feather weight. I have worn it just to see how heavy it is and did not hurt after several hours of wear. I think it will depend on the person. You only have to ask and Santa might just put it in your stocking...