Monday, January 11, 2010

New Knitting Needles

Several years ago I bought some very nice wood knitting needles in Walla Walla. I loved them. They were hand turned and I spent a small fortune on them. Yesterday my son jabbed one of the tips into the keyhole on the bathroom door and broke the tip off. After many tears and a solemn farewell I had resigned myself that they were no more. Today my husband, who felt sorry for me, took me to buy a new pair of knitting needles. While these are not my old tried and true, they work great. These needles are a pair of Lantern Moons and are made out of Rosewood. They are light and soft in my hands. I am sure that after many projects I will be just as attached to these as l was to my old ones.

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Heckety said...

I'm sorry about you old needles. If you knew someone with a lathe or who did wood turning they could re hone the point for you? One needle would be shorter but so?