Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Elmo Art Apron

I know that I have been an absentee blogger as of late, and I am sorry about that. We have been out of town and then back in town and now we are headed out again. As we move towards summer we will be spending a lot of time traveling. I will try and blog as much as possible, but I will probably not be around much until fall. I have several projects in the works and hopefully I will be getting many of them done this summer as I do a lot of work while riding in the car. So, I should have a great deal to post about.

My son is turning two in May. For his birthday we have invested in an art easel and finger paints. My son is crazy about Elmo and he is a considered the little red god in our home. Every morning the routine is the same: upon awakening Neil hands out hugs and kisses including a few for his good friend Nappers (see an earlier post on this monkey side-kick), a glass of milk, and then there is this little voice that follows me all over the house asking for “Elmo’s Song”. To honor this important furry deity, I thought I would surprise my beloved child with an Elmo art apron. I spent days looking for fabric to make the apron out of. The only fabric I could find was fleece. I do not want to clean paint out of fleece. So, I came up with this design.
Elmo is an appliqué that I constructed out of cotton fabric scraps.

I assembled the body of the apron out of a heavy canvas material and bright orange bias tape.


Nicola said...

Wow what a fantastic apron!! well done!

Julie said...

Oh, that is so sweet!!! I LOVE it.

Beadwright said...

Wow baby is two in May. They grow up so fast. Your apron is just too cute. Great job on it.