Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rose Petal Jam

To me nothing tastes better than homemade jam on warm toast with coffee on a cool fall morning. That little hint of spring as winter approaches. Jam making is a messy process; well it is for me anyway, so I like to make several batches at a time. After perusing jam recipes on the internet I concluded that I would like to change up an old favorite and add a new recipe to my jam making process this year.

We have a hedge of wild yellow roses that borders our yard. They are magnificent when they are in full bloom, but they only last a very short time. They are prolific and it has always seemed a shame that all of the beautiful petals should go to waste. I have never eaten rose petal jam but it sound decadent and worth a try.

I made traditional rhubarb, strawberry jam (my favorite) but this year I added rose petals to the mix.

The lemon rose is new to my repertoire. It has a  distinctive sweet and sour flavor and a yummy golden hue.

And a family favorite raspberry

I found a recipe for dandelion jam which I think I will try next. That is, if I can collect enough dandelions.

Update...sheesh maybe I should learn to use spellcheck more often...


Gabriela said...

Sounds delicious! My Mom used to make rose petal jam! Can you share the recipe??

Julie said...

Nice! You didn't mention it, but I am sure baby Neil was a huge help (wink, wink). You're amazing!

Beadwright said...

Wow the jams look great!!! When I lived in N. Idaho I made my own jams and jellies. Just walked out into my wooded back yard and picked what ever I need.
I miss that.