Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lowly Worm Now Lives Here

My son has fallen in love with Richard Scarry’s Busy Town. For his birthday he asked for a Lowly Worm “lovie”. When I was a kid I remembered that I had Richard Scarry’s Biggest Make-It Book Ever, it was the coolest kids’ activity book ever, but the best thing about it was the Lowly Worm doll pattern. As a kid I spent hours lovingly cutting and sewing my very own worm. I adored him.  Armed with this special childhood memory I went to my computer and spent endless hours searching the Internet for a copy of this highly treasured book.  After much anticipation and excitement I was disappointed when I found out that this book is out-of-print and the most affordable copy I found was $40 over my budget. Not wanting to disappoint Neil on his birthday I put on my creative thinking cap and went to work.
I got out some brown packing paper and drafted out a pattern.

Lowly's felt color palette

Cut out and ready to sew.

Basic Lowly waiting for his personality

A smile for Neil

Details of the hat

The finished product


peggy aplSEEDS said...

how absolutely WONDERFUL! that is a GREAT Lowly Worm! he was my daughter's favorite too so i have a soft spot for him. we read his stories over and over again. you did a marvelous job making him!

LamoreAllure said...


Wow! Your Lowly Worm turned out great. I'm sure you son will adore him for a long time.

Linda L