Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kong Hee Fat Choy! A Little Late...

Happy New Year! Welcome to the year of the water dragon.
Every year for about the past 10 years we have celebrated Chinese New Year with some very dear friends. We are treated like royalty as we feast on over 20 different dishes, each more amazing than the last. In appreciation of host’s generosity I like to present a small thank you gift. I spend a great deal of time trying to create a gift that fits that year’s zodiac animal theme. Because this is the year of the dragon and our chief and host have a very special bond to dragons I agonized over this year’s gift. I knew I had hit on an idea when I discovered this fabric in a shop.

I used multiply layers of fabric to create depth and tecture. A few buttons were added and I gave the dragon red glowing eyes.

I made card banners representing the specific zodiac of each person we dine with... 

including one for a dragon.

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