Thursday, August 26, 2010

Heart of Gold

My garden is in harvest mode. We have had corn, peas, two batches of potatoes and collard greens. I have already put up three types of pickles and am now debating on what I should do with the abundance of tomatoes. But noting is more exciting than this wee-little cantaloupe. Cantaloupe is a new crop for us and while many would say growing one, little, still green cantaloupe is no real feat in gardening; we look upon this as a success. It might be small, but we hope that it will someday grow into a real cantaloupe.


Regina said...

Beautiful!! I so wish that I had a green thumb...mine just stays multicolored from all the paints....LOL!! Ohhhh..if you have some on the vine that are green (but right before they are going to turn red) you could sliced them...batter them and then put them in the freezer. Yum Yummm..fried green maters are sooo good.


Julie said...

Nice Melons! ... I mean that in the most respectful, non-wonderbra, way possible! I am so impressed. I killed a cucumber plant and have a handful of green tomatoes. Better luck next year for me; assuming I can figure out what I did wrong :)

Dave Robertson said...

Hi Jodi,

Finally Spokane gets some garden goodies! We're excited too -- my son has finally gotten some fruit growing on a watermelon's going to be the most delicious melon ever :) PS, thank you for joining the Blog Partners program!

:) Dave
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