Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our Tree is Up

We got our tree up today.

After much debate we came to the conclusion that we needed to put up the little tree and save the big tree for another year. Over the years we have collected enough ornaments to decorate several trees, but we toned it down this year for our 19 month old son. The tree this year is a combination of vintage and new ornaments. My mother-in-law cannot help but buy every ornament she sees for her only grandson, so this year our tree is decorated for him.

There are bubble lights, the angel moves her wings and the tree spins.

Many of the ornaments were made by my husband and his brother when they were little. Under the tree is a small collection of houses that light up.

While the little one napped his father and I raced against the clock to get everything decorated. Neil was filled with wonder and delight when he saw our efforts.


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so special and lovely! Happy new year!