Thursday, December 10, 2009

Starting to Feel a Lot Like the Holidays

With the holidays fast approaching I have decided that I had better start decorating our home. Keep in mind that there is three of use living in 855 sq feet, so this year I am only putting up one tree. Yes, we have two trees:) One tree is traditional and the other is a Star Trek/Star Wars tree, we know, geek comes to mind. And the snow village will stay packed away this year, my son will miss it, be we just do not have the room. I LOVE vintage ornaments, wreaths, gaga and anything that screams tradition. I have been holding on to a box of vintage silk thread covered apples for years. I have tucked them here and there over the years but they have finally found a more permanent spot. An old beat-up wreath, some ribbon, lights and a vintage elf who has been in my possession for many a moon and Neil now has a wreath all his own.

We also added a new addition to the holidays this year, an advent calendar. I didn’t what something that was thrown away after all the candy was eaten. I wanted to be able to fill the calendar with tidbits of my own and have it be something that Neil could look forward to every year. I searched high and low for a nice, higher quality advent calendar. I looked all over town and when that was a bust I started searching the internet. I found a hand-crafted one made in Germany, but $600 didn’t sit well with me. After months of looking I found this one at Costco. Let’s just say Neil LOVES it, and I am happy with both the price and the quality.

Now off to do more decorating.

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Julie said...

Oh, the weather outside is frightful... but what a jolly o'l elf!!! What a creative beauty you are Jo! LOVE the advent... very nice.